Trump introduces his Supreme Court pick, Senators react


Us. I'm teeny gal. Here's what's happening. President Trump announcing appellate court Judge Amy Cockney buried as his pig for the Supreme Court. The president called buried one of our nation's most brilliant and gifted legal minds. This sets off a scramble by the Republicans to confirm Judge Barrett before election Day in less than six weeks. CBS NEWS Political contributor Peter Mayer says that Democrats are very frustrated and unhappy. About this rushed proceedings are already Democrats who've served notice that there not even planning to meet with her because they reject the process itself that President Trump has used They have bitter memories of the way. The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, blocked Judge Merrick Garland back in February of 2016 months before the election that year, saying that the next president should decide, and the Senate Judiciary Committee, at least according to one Republican source will begin confirmation hearings for Amy Cockney Barrett. On October 12 reaction to the president's election from across the congressional spectrum, former Massachusetts governor and now Utah Senator at MIT, Romney calling Judge Barrett Ah, highly respected jurist, and he looks forward to meeting with her to review her credentials. New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan says the nomination should be seen for exactly what it is. She says, an attempt to overturn the affordable care act. She also strongly opposes the ongoing efforts of the president and majority leader, Mitch McConnell to push to approve Judge Amy County Barrett rather than work on passing a new covert 19 release bill. Meanwhile, Senator Elizabeth Warren says Americans cannot stand down while the president tries to hand the country's highest cord and the rights and liberties of the people. Over to the quote

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