Chaos reigns in first Trump-Biden debate


Most we must really closely but what was said, or rather what wasn't said in that amazing debate between Biden on Trump a little fire, not a fury. We've heard that in relation to the trump White House before, of course, but not a lot of light, I think, really, Caroline. Yeah, on DH. I think people are divided about whether indeed there was a winner or loser the line that we're all losers from the lack of quality of of debate around policy, a lot of people not even talking about it as a debate, but simply An argument that that's all voters lose from that. And yet others sort of saying Look, Biden was in the lead before there were no major gaffes. Yes, he didn't get to talk about policy that much. But on the other hand, you know this would perhaps leave him in the same position. I am stronger than Trump will say, Well, indeed, on someone

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