Could be returned if there is the necessity for a vote on a stimulus package.


And in their place. We had to hire new people to replace him. And so we'll we'll work it back down and wave said no layoffs for this year, and we will stick by that. Morning and also said they consume spending your appear is up from last year. Well, they're protest in Hong Kong and police their report they have arrested 2 70 people. Let's get global news now Ed Baxter in the Bloomberg 9 60 Museum in San Francisco, and, Yeah, Doug Chief executive Carrie Lam, it promised today of security and police in riot gear. Did flood the streets, checking ideas and backpacks. Officers were station on virtually every corner of the Causeway Bay shopping district. Protesters did Jerrod police Chan of things aimed at the new China National Security law will ma'am Lam saying that bringing peace back to the streets of Hong Kong is her first priority. New York State is reporting the most one day new cases since May, Governor Andrew Cuomo says, centered in the areas that we have been reporting to you. The

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