I would not distance way. Michael Russell.


Grown man running for president. Of the United States of America. Here's what's gonna happen if Trump decides to yell over Biden, Biden yells over Trump. We decide whether we want to watch it or not. It's the public service. Most of us know how we're going to vote for. About three or 4% that are undecided at this moment. They can figure out what they want to do. Based on how President Trump or how Joe Biden Puts themselves out there. The Presidential Commission doesn't have to create all these new decorum rules because it'll look worse. If you cut off a president of middle of his statement, That's a terrible idea. Just let Trump do it. He's going to do and then make your judgments based on that, because all the things that I've seen Even from Republicans has been negative towards Trump. I'm tired of it. I'm absolutely 100 tired of the Democrats losing every time and having to change the rules so they can change rules if they get their butt whipped on stage. Now, we got to change the stage rules. If you get your but whipped in election Now we need to get rid of the electoral college. If you get your but whipped in election Now we gotta blame somebody else for a change all of the rules of the House of Representatives. In the hearings and were going to impeach impeach Duly elected, RGB dies And then we're gonna add more represents frame court changed the rules, which Biden still won't answer that question, by the way, asked again today. We are still going to be

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