Philadelphia Is Open to Giving 50 Homes to Encampment Protesters


Has been reached. That would provide housing for protesters living at the homeless encampment along the Ben Franklin Parkway and outside of the Philadelphia Housing Authority. But as we hear from Kow, Charlotte Reese It's not quite yet a done deal. The encampments were set up months ago as a protest to what organizers call a lack of affordable housing in the city. Now, the Philadelphia Housing Authority says a tentative deal would provide 50 vacant city homes to residents of both camps. The city, however, is not confirming any such deal, A statement from the mayor's office says. In part, many details have to be worked out and that any deal needs to include a date for the encampments to disband this, the people It's what the people make it and like quiet will still be here. Malik has been living at the encampment on 22nd in the parkway for about a month. Thea. Other one is at 21st and Ridge after he says activists want to fix up the vacant homes themselves, but says the conditions aren't great, but not all of them. But we're still getting more so. Is waiting to see as part of the PhD deal there would be home set aside for mothers and Children living at the camps. For now, more than 100 tents remain along the parkway and the months long negotiations continue. Charlotte Risque Y. W. NewsRadio. Montgomery

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