They Shall Know that I am the Lord (Ezekiel 29:6)


Zeke you'll chapter twenty, nine, verse six. Then all the inhabitants of Egypt shall know that I am the Lord. Read that again. Just just think about this statement. God. Says in this prophecy against Egypt, he's telling them what he's. GonNa. Do among them and he says then all the inhabitants of Egypt. Shall know that I am the Lord. That's a common phrase that last part we see all throughout Ezekiel, he sang it mostly God saying it through Ezekiel mostly to his people. You shall know that I am the Lord. You shall all know that I am the Lord. But now in this section of Ezekiel we see God prophesying through Ezekiel speaking to all kinds of different nations around his people. And here in this prophecy against Egypt verse six says then all the inhabitants of Egypt shall know that I am the Lord. And that verse. So significant. When we think about. The world around US look at the world around us. Perceive what is happening in the world around us. God is working in everything that is happening. Toward this end. That all the inhabitants. Of every nation. Shall know that he is the Lord. To borrow from Philippians Chapter Two verse nine to eleven one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord all the inhabitants. Of Egypt, all the inhabitants of the earth will not only know. That Jesus is Lord, but they will bow the knee and confess Jesus is Lord sovereign ruler of all just think about that. Think about the. Seven plus billion people in the world right now think about everyone's face. You will see today or have seen today. You will see tomorrow every one of them. Will one day not just know. That Jesus Lord they will bow to Jesus as Lord. Like how does that change the way we live? I certainly, it gives us confidence. Doesn't it that? In the end. Jesus will be exalted as Lord like amidst all the turmoil and tension we see around us in world. It's good to know that Jesus Lord over at all then one day he who is perfectly just imperfectly righteous will usher in a new habit a newer of perfect justice in perfect righteousness where he is exalted as Lord that's a hope for today. And then doesn't that. Just drive urgency in evangelism urgency to share the gospel like look at the people you see today, we'll see tomorrow like look in their eyes one day they will know and bow the need Jesus is Lord. So the question is not. Will they know she just as Lord will they bowed and Lord? The question is, will they do that now? Will they know that now bow the knee now or will they know and bow the knee when it's too late? In you know this you know this is coming so Proclaimed Jesus as Lord today like. Let Your Lips. Let your life can be the means by which they know now before it's too late the Jesus is Lord like who can you? Who Can I share the Gospel with today? Right around us, and then as we pray for people around the world who don't know the name of Jesus, don't know the gospel of you just think about the. People in Tanzania six, hundred and forty three thousand. Muslims no followers of Jesus among the charity no one who's bowing the need to Jesus his Lordship all of them will one day. Bow The knee before. Jesus. Is Lord the question is what they do it. Now where they don't, it's too late and we know that he's lured. So we go. This is why we go. This is why the Great Commission Verse Nineteen Matthew Chapter Twenty Eight therefore go and make disciples of all nations why what's the therefore referring to verse Eighteen All Authority in Heaven on earth has been given to me we go we share the Gospel, why because Jesus is Lord we go right around us to the end of the Because Jesus is Lord of also. God We pray that you would. Captivate our hearts our lives with the reality of your lordship today certainly in our own lives as we submit to your Lordship even as we've already prayed that in Ezekiel. But God is we think about. Your lordship over everyone. Over everyone. We pray. For. Children. Parents. Relatives Friends. Neighbors Coworkers who don't know you as Lord Right now God, we pray that you would bring them to know you as Lord, we pray that you would give us boldness in sharing the Gospel with him. Go that you would open their eyes. You would do a supernatural work, open their eyes to see you as Lord to submit. He was Lord, God, we pray for the spread of Your Gospel and our families among our friends among our neighbours among our co workers got. We pray that you would bring more and more and more people in Metro, Washington DC and know you as the Lord. The trust you is Laurie. Pray for that and all the cities, the places where we are gathered right now. Our country's. Got Among unreached peoples, God we pray together for the Chirazi in Tanzania God please bring the Chirazi to know Jesus. Is Lord Sin Somebody since some of us to go to the Chirazi in Tanzania, they might know that you're the Lord. They might bow the need to you as lord before it's too late they might know you as savior and Lord. God We, pray for the spread of the Gospel among the Chirazi. And among people right around US knowing. Then, all the inhabitants of the Earth shall know that you are the Lord. In Jesus Name We pray

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