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Hello everyone this is David sparkes welcome back power users joined by. Me Is the one and only Mr Stephen Hackett you put extravaganza and the title like that be a lot to live up to. Yeah I know I felt like I just wanted to set the bar high going in you did. Oh Man. How how are you? I just. A couple of days ago on the podcast on but Now it's back to real life I have a story about the podcast on in the more power users got about a failed guest appearances we're going to I haven't told you the whole story yet. We're going to do it on air that's going to be fun but oh, boy, just a tease that little bit. We're GONNA talk about Iowa's fourteen today. Before we get started the Iowa's fourteen version of shortcuts. Field Guide is out it's out there. There's a I forget. Something like about forty five minutes of new content. All about Iowa's fourteen in shortcuts sixteen videos. Ready for your pleasure is five dollars off for short time. AM also doing a Webinar I talked about this last week, but I forgot to put it in the show notes I'm really sorry about that, but it will be in this week show notes in Eagle bills still be able to sign up. So anyway, I got a Webinar on Iowa's fourteen and shortcuts and additional context. So go check that out. Awesome. Yeah. I'll make sure this shortcuts. Filled Guide is in the in the show notes this week. I'm always impressed how fast turn these things around man no you working during the Beta cycle and stuff but I mean as we were recording Iowa's fourteen spin out. Not, even a week yet like you're on it I know. I know your audience appreciates it too. So I'm always impressed. that. That was interesting. I do work in the Betas in that release hard because things break all the time and like you finish video and then they changed the Beta and yet to rerecord it But in this case I had twelve of them recorded and I knew I had about four more left plus the you know close captioning all the little things you have to do to get it ready for release and. while. We were watching the presentation Tim says Oh and it comes out tomorrow and we recorded McDowell users like right after that station. And after we recorded make pirates I looked at my calendar for the Damn Mike I don't have that much going on. I'm just clearing the decks and getting this out. So I got the rest of the videos recorded. I got everything done but it was was definitely one of those instances of borrowing against tomorrow I worked late into the day and the next day. I was kind of useless the idea that all the time. In fact, I'm sort of recovering from doing that for about the last week. You sound more relaxed. I mean, and by the way I mean, this is still running. You can still donate money jude and please do but congratulations man on on hitting your goal. Thank you. Yeah. So we we had a monthly goal of three hundred and fifteen thousand dollars and we hit that during the show. During the show itself, we raised about twice what we did during the show last year so. Afraid that people gave early and maybe it'd be slow during the podcast with on. The audience in like. Greater Apple, community proved me wrong and and it was it was unbelievable I mean really like during the breaks when I was an on camera scrolling the donation like the back end is like I. cannot believe Fassi's or coming in and we are well over our goal now and it's just so exciting everydollar does count every dollar does help if you haven't donated yet or you doing it again, the same jude dot org slash relay. Yeah. You know I told you this in the text message but I'll just say I'm just so impressed with you and Mary and Mike and Everybody that put this together and just such a great thing to think about that you had an idea. And now has turned into while this point on seven hundred thousand dollars of donations towards children with cancer I mean to Mazen I am. So I, don't know what the word is, but I'm just so impressed by you and what you've done no man. It's Starting to do our part you know. All right. Well, apple did release a new update and It has got people's attention even my children who are not totally tuned in the singer Dad. What is this widget thing at understand? So this year the release cop people's attention. We thought it'd be fun to give a whole show. Now that's out in the public and you and I've been using it through the Beta. We've got some wisdom to drop on you. It's right. An Extravaganza of wisdom is what we've just say. No choice now. We. Are there the word has been used right let's get this extravaganza rolling. I feel like I should play some music or something Yes I think widgets are the most visible change to Iowa's fourteen apples kinda slowly been changing and updating. The design has Iowa seven and fourteen is basically in line with all of that. But which I think are the sort of headline feature because it's what you see. The first time release a folders were added that the home screen experience has changed in any meaningful way. Now, it's not a free for all like it is an android you know you're still dealing with like top to bottom you know sort of you gotta fill up one row before you go to the next row there still limitations but widgets have really I think they've really popped more than I thought they would and. Honestly like I was thinking about it before recording. Okay like our or Irish which it's for me. Are they like some other Iowa's features or Mac os features a really cool to play with maybe long term they don't stick around that it's don't find a place in my workflow replacing in my life. But I think I'm I think which is our home run guests school and Android a longtime ago and they've been great on Android for a long time but I'm so excited to have a moment, my phone and my IPAD. I mean they're done well, but they're done with an opinion like something apple would make. But when we were talking about it at our dinner table which. Is Notable because as much as I max Barky at the dinner table. I'm dad sure. But my kids are like you know this was overdue. This list someone feels modern now I mean it just interesting to me to people who are not thinking about this stuff as much as we do on our audience does but it this is clearly something that's going to resonate with people. And you know to answer your question will at worker won't work. It really depends on a couple of factors I. Think you know the software developers need to embrace it. which they've already started to an apple needs to.

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