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Mayor. This is embarrassing. What's going to the cop status part is many people are moving to Idaho precisely to get away from that kind of authoritarian insanity. But apparently you can't escape it. Alex Berenson is one of our young people in this country most fluent in the science behind this disease in our response to it. He's the author of unreported truth about covid-19 and lockdowns part 2. We're happy to have months night. Now it's thanks for coming out. I'm not going to ask you to comment on the social forces involved here. I want you to explain to our audience the science behind this is there justification for arresting a woman sitting with her family Outdoors was not wearing a mask. No, of course there is not thank you masks or they are at best marginally useful indoors in crowded settings. Okay, and the evidence that people have tried to drum up in the last six months to suggest otherwise is almost embarrassingly week. Okay. There's there's an open-label study essentially a study with no control arm that was done off on Massachusetts a healthcare workers a few months ago and it showed that after these people were told to wear masks infection rates went down in Massachusetts. Guess what infection rates went down in Massachusetts overall to okay, so that means nothing there's a couple of you know studies. There's a study from Starbucks in South Korea. There's a study of a couple of hairdresser's sneezer e it's a joke the best evidence before this pandemic started before March which is when the science was not politicized suggest that mass were broadly used to us in the general population. To the extent they were useful it would be for people who are actively infected and coughing and to the extent that that made any difference. It was probably just as a signaling mechanism to show people step away from me. I'm sick. Okay. So so the evidence here is just beyond weak. What's happened Tucker is it masks have become a Talus man. Okay masks have become something that we use to show we're serious about this and this is a problem and lots of people are dying and we're going to do something about it and we can't do lockdowns anymore. I mean, you know, even even the Democratic Governors have dropped lockdowns because they're so economically devastating have to tell people to do something and they tell them to do to wear masks and the social pressure. I do want to talk about the social pressure a little bit because I get it's very important a few weeks ago. I was in Walmart with my son who's four thousand four year old is essentially 0.000000 anything happening with coronavirus little kids don't spread the coronavirus. He was not wearing a mask. I don't like him to wear a mask. Although he's unfortunately. Yep. To where we now that he goes to school and a woman came up to me and she said Your son's not wearing a mask.

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