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All I'm excited to talk to you welcome to the Nice guys on business podcast. Doug Man. Thank you so much for having me here I love what you guys are doing and have going on. So thanks for having me. I'm happy to have you here and you know we we started just talking about. the entrepreneurial journey, and then we started talking about real estate and I realized that it kind of is almost the same thing. I mean the journey that you take in real estate you know when when do you? When do you buy? When do you sell? How long do you hold onto it? It's kind of the same with a job. There's so many nine to five hours that are out there that are. Not Loving their job, they're just kind of dealing with their job. So maybe can you share maybe the lessons that you've learned in making the leap from being a guy that probably was working a job maybe you didn't love into the world of entrepreneurial You know the entrepreneurial world or or maybe just just share a little bit of your background because I'm really curious how you got to where you are right now. And it's a it's a it's a crazy story when I tell people are like you did what I mean it it it literally started out. I mean I started out as entrepreneur knows probably twelve years old you know helping my mom was painting fences making money in my community. But when I turned eighteen, I, just had a heart syrupy why just wanted to help people and I always wanted to be a police officer and that was always in my head right chase bad guys and have a gun I watch cowboys and Indians growing up and. So, when I turned eighteen out I, found out, I was too young to be a police officers. Now you gotTa be twenty one you can't even buy ammo yet like go do something else I'm like, okay. Well, and that it becoming a state trooper I, mean a a United States marine. So I did that for four years I'm like having to do this for four years if you know anything about entrepreneurship. It's nothing like being a marine marine. They tell you wanna go to bath in a tell you what to eat. They tell you that and I was like, okay this was awesome but like. This isn't what I was meant to do. So I still wanted to be a police officer. So I jumped into being a Florida state trooper in I did that for about eleven years and I loved it. I was helping people. But about seven years in I, I started you know my brain started going again it was like af chase a lot of people. A lot of people in jail have helped a lot of people but like there's gotta be more than this, I'm working sixty hours a week make fifty thousand dollars a year like in Florida's a trooper as making thirty, six, thousand dollars a year. So working overtime just to provide for my family and then it was nights, it was weekends and troopers they work shift work meaning every twenty eight days your your shift changes. So one month I'm on day shift the next month on night shift the next month of a midnight shift so. There's twenty eight days. I'm not seeing my my wife I'm hanging out with my kid I'm missing football games about six seven years in your ears in just like. There's more out there than this like I'm Ki Ay and I can be shot at I got people chase. Low money was just one thing I was thinking man you're like in the line of fire oftentimes, that's not and I'm not saying that that was your daily daily occurrence. But at the same time, there's always the possibility that that could be a part of your daily occurrence. A. Hundred Percent I. I worked a bad area in the north side of Jacksonville. That was that was a high occurrence but. About six seven years in I just started getting that edge entrepreneur thing like what can I do? Yeah. Have great benefits. We all hear those excuses right where we draw. Like. Oh, but you gotta get retirement I'm like if I make it that far if I don't get it if I don't get in a car accident Oh, you have good healthcare I'm like I know but. I might twenty six I don't need healthy right now. Young you know we don't think about the bad things and I just started looking I said, what are what are people doing? You know they have like, let me look at millionaires and billionaires. Where's their money tied up? What are they doing? What are they investing in real estate just kept popping up and stuff I looked at him like okay. I love real estate I love scene. Yeah. I drive around all day I'm seeing it like. I'm going to look into this really heavily. Right you know back then they didn't have online coaches and they didn't have right orces. I mean I don't even think. I'm trying to think that the Internet that point, but there was just nothing like that out there and I said, you know what? I'M GONNA go in I'm going to do it. So as a state trooper, I started real estate part time and just didn't deal and then I did another deal that ended another deal and I was making three hundred thousand dollars a year part time while I'm still being a trooper forty hours a week. So that was kind of like the light bulb of. Man. If I quit doing this and I focused all my time and energy on this, I can make a bigger impact and have more income. So. How, that started it's a great. It's a great story man. I. Didn't know much your backstory. So I appreciate you sharing that and it is It is so typical of a couple of the things that you said number one that you're working. Nine to five and then five to nine or whatever is you work in these horrible hours and you know think about a nice guy community as you're as you're listening to Paul think about how many of you out there you either likely you do and tolerate the the team that's there or you hate what you do and you're just doing it for the paycheck plenty of buddies that have said to me, Doug? I've been self employed for thirty some odd years I'm gainfully unemployable at this point and I love the fact that you know some of my friends exactly what you just said well, the healthcare and the and the the steady paycheck and I'm like yeah but. If I can make seven times more than you're paying right now are ten times or who cares if I get healthcare I'll pay for my own freaking healthcare yes. Yes. So when did you realize at what point did you say hey, I'm making more part time than I am fulltime. What was it that finally made you say I'm done and it probably wasn't a I hate this experience it was probably more of a of a this just doesn't make any sense to me. So what was I

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