We're All In The Same Ocean, But Not The Same Boat #1014



We're all in this together we're all in the same boat. How often have you heard comments like that? In recent months, the problem is the whilst with certainly old sailing on this same corona virus ocean. When not in the same boat each of us have different capacities to weather the storm whether that's financial physical or emotional, and if you wanNA take the metaphor a bit further. Even though we're all silent on the same stormy coronavirus ocean. The storm has a different intensity depending on where you are in the world you I need to talk to a couple of people from different countries around the world to understand how different the impact is from one country to another and so yes, we are all dealing with the Corona Vars, but we all have different capacities to deal with it number one and. Number two the ferocity of how it's impacting on AL lives differs from person to person place to place I. Just think that's an important perspective to keep in mind at a time like this and probably always and use. This is really just a message to myself or already that is today I do thank you for your time and we'll be back again tomorrow. The.

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