Dozens arrested as protests turn violent in Portland


Turning now to the growing violence in Portland Oregon, where during its one hundred first night of demonstrations, protesters, lobbed fireworks, and then homemade firebombs at police. One protester caught on fire after running through the flames. Police made dozens of arrests and confiscated weapons in the city is now bracing for more protests tomorrow when several pro trump rallies plant ABC's Matt Guffman is on the ground for us in Portland. Tonight. Spiraling to. The hundred and first night of protests open he spasm of violence. Gasoline bombs tossed it right police and fire crackers rocketing officers at point blank range. Protests engulfed in one of those gasoline fires demonstrators struggling to put him out as you rolled on the pavement overnight those demonstrations targeting a police precinct. It was immediately declared a riot. Police with that bull rush. Up in the stampede on T. knocked over. Police then drowning street and tear gas to try to clear the crown the pop enough tear gas like Whoa could see the arcs of tear gas in the air that's going to be really bad at about five seconds we're going to get out of here. See that cloud of yellow mustard smoke? The entire quarter here was lit up men extending to those hit with gas. This morning police announcing more than fifty arrests. It's one of the highest numbers since protests began and they released pictures of knives, rocks, explosive devices in body armor. They say they seized from protesters. Portland remains a tinderbox right wing protesters many heavily armed holding a memorial for Aaron. J Danielson allegedly gunned down by anti-fascist Michael Rhino during protests last week right himself was killed by police on Thursday when police tried to arrest him for murder.

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