LCB Ep. 288 - Top 10 Movie Remakes, Mulan Review, Pauly Shore Interview, and New Mission: Impossible Looks Insane - burst 16


Here reminder September September fourth that's. Tomorrow Holy Shit the town already because airing Sunday it's already out so maybe this out yeah, it's labor. Day weekend. Yes, which is you need you need some Labor Day weekend wait I'll tell you where people can find it because people are like warriors that are Netflix where is it Blah Blah Blah so it's basically a it is it's on Apple TV Amazon A and T. Bell. TV DIRECTTV Fandango Frontier Airlines. To read. Voodoo Sony it's everywhere. It's all over Vod. So where'd you go I want to anchorage why watch the pauly shore movie at the watch him in flight EQUI. Them. We're GONNA give you a little a little

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