369: Dr. Jason Fung - Stop Snacking & Start Fasting


So if you're having trouble getting to or maintain your goal weight, this one fact could be a total game changer for you. Some of the highlights from today show are the real reason people gain weight or hormones the physiology of what happens while fasting. Fasting differences between men and women training in the fasted state and Dr. Funk's current fasting protocol. Lots of great stuff in this one I. Know You're GonNa love it, and if you do, I'd really appreciate it. If you could help spread the word share this won't somebody in your life a friend or family member and I think you had a time without further ado here I go with Dr Jason Fung Hello Jason. Welcome to the PODCAST. Thanks for having me on. We're GONNA have a great chat I. Loved Your Latest Book that you co wrote with eve and Meghan, and this is titled Life in the Fast Lane. I'm curious to start. How does somebody WHO's a kidney specialists get? So interested in fasting as a subject yeah. That's a great question I think that what happened is that as? A kidney specialists, what I do is I see a lot of type two diabetics and as we've had this sort of increasing obesity epidemic since the nineteen seventies that sort of was followed by an epidemic of type two diabetes starting in the late nineteen eighties, nineteen nineties, and then type two diabetes is actually far and away the most common cause of kidney disease. So as you know we went into the two, thousand, two, thousand ten we started to see much more and more of type two diabetes related kidney disease. So I actually encountered it quite a bit and as it became more and more important part of my practice I started to think about weight loss because the entire way that we treat you know. Disease is sort of backwards that is if you look at type two diabetes related kidney disease, for example, we spend a lot of money and effort trying to design drugs and dialysis and all that sort of stuff.

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