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In this country because of the presidential election and there's no way is going to be very difficult to have a conversation about anything without. PARTISAN DIVIDE SHOWING No doubt to correct but I will say this before I get off here and I'm certainly glad that it looks like we're best place some football and the wildcats well good to hear from you I. Think you are right about that. Josh is up next in South Carolina. Hello Josh. Today we are doing. Well, thank you. So what are you thinking about South Carolina gamecocks like eating they might have like. You know Guy's name Ryan listing. Eating might be the starter. Well Yeah I think right now I mean he's he's definitely under some pressure. But I don't think it's Helpful last year for South Carolina to have two good quarterbacks. And that was evidenced of again, South Carolina is in is in an unusual position this year, they need a really good season. I think if they can be Tennessee in that opener gives them a chance to start cobbling wins together. But that is I mean you hate to say this is a critical game and it's the first game of the year. You lose a game and you go to Florida and you do not want to start the season. Oh, into especially when you're fourth and Fifth CA fourth fifth and sixth game against Auburn Lsu in Texas am. Yeah But last year you know I'm new capital Georgia. Georgia. MISSED OUT ON MY EAR would be Georgia. Well, you know what? beating Georgia was unbelievable but. Losing to North Carolina and Appalachian State and. Pretty much everyone else didn't help.

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