'Better America': Biden's Campaign Launches New National Ad


In one thousand, nine, sixty, four Lyndon Johnson ran a now iconic campaign ad against Barry Goldwater where a little girl counts daisy pedals until her counting becomes the countdown to nuclear explosion idea being present goldwater has become elected and started a nuclear war because he's a madman. said. It. there. Is, are, the stakes. You'll make a world in which all of God's children can live. Aren't to go into the dark room, we must either love each other. Or we must die. Vote for President Johnson on November third, the stakes are too high for you to stay home. The stakes are that you're adorable daughter gets nuked. Now. Even though we're not living through a nuclear winter, we are living through a version of disaster. I mean a a national disaster resulting in thousands and thousands of deaths day after day after day and a new Joe Biden goes against the grain in many ways the opposite of the grand life and death scale the daisy at. The new the biden relates what a bummer. This current disastrous doesn't focus deaths, evictions, closed schools. It says, this virus is ruining the little things like seeing your grandkids. have been gifted with two beautiful grandchildren. We try to see them as often as possible and it's been six months. And it's way too long. And while I don't blame Donald Trump for the virus, I blame him for his lack of action and because of that, we're sitting here zooming or facetime ing with our grandchildren instead of hugging and kissing them. And that's hard. Joe Biden knows every moment is precious I trust you Biden to get this virus under control? I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message. Seems like a really real smart relatable ad for a portion of the population that Joe Biden is trying to focus on. This is for all the people who were sold on idea that there was some normal around the Ben. During the trump years because there is no normal during trump that was false join me. Now for more on the different approaches, the two campaigns are taking is Adrian Shropshire. She's a veteran democratic strategist and executive director of black pack had a lot of experience in politics community organizing and ads as well and I just I was so struck by this ad agent because it's so understood in. So many ways given how terrible things are and given the kind of micro targeted median voter. He's trying to reach you know elderly couple or senior citizen couple in Florida. Yeah I mean the reality is that. Voters understand where we are. They understand the crisis that we're in. They do not. WanNa see campaign after campaign ad reminding them of our national. Right. I've said he focused move after folks. And what? The message that voters say that they want to hear is one of national unity. They WanNa hear message about a path forward how this mess is going to get fixed and I think the brilliant thing about that ad is that. while. It appears to be targeted at one segment of the electorate. The reality is that that is all of us, right? That is my entire family every Sunday night sitting zoom call, right so it is it is. There is a moment where the multipronged crisis that are facing the country are literally touching every single one of us and what's brilliant about the ad is that. You know it's it leads toward that unifying message right? It is it in every message quite frankly every ad I would hope to see that comes out of the campaign on is a way to unify to tell a message to tell a story that connects people about the moment that we're in. It's really if you think about it in this in this way having a national unity being a campaign strategy all by itself.

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