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A and welcome in is with shall episode of some and smokes where everything good and wife is worth discussing I'm your house made man Bob and joining me for this episode is Made Man Brent. Thanks I didn't realize it quick shot meant that we were going to be short episode. Not Drink these really quick house too late now so that it had a different meeting. Entirely we have went. We have women at supplies. Mansell's out. And Good Ole boy justin it can morning by. Well, today we're going to discussing some recent limited releases from the folks that locks go. We have the stone two thousand and nineteen women at addition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and we have the what's Road Distiller as double barrel, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Whiskey, and this episode sip sudden smokes is sponsored in part by the or whiskey society to find out more about the society in their events, you can visit them at. F.. T. l.. Ws Dot. com. And we've reviewed quite a whiskies from the folks that go yellowstone over the years But what's have Justin gives a little background about them just to refresh your memory. So let's go began in nineteen, fifty eight when Paul a Lux and David. Sherman. Senior created the David Sherman Corporation as private. Label bottler. Serving the needs of distributors, wholesalers and retailers starting out with one brand in nineteen sixty have steadily grown portfolio to include vodka rum gin occurs more importantly whiskey whiskey. Latin. Clean Windows. Get. In two thousand, six, they changed their name to Lex goes attributed to the founder pollock's. The company's one hundred percent family owned to this day. A few years ago. lesko bought a fifty percent stake in the limestone branch. Still Ary last year, they completed construction of their own thirty, five million dollar distillery in Bardstown. Kentucky. Named the Lux road distillery, it's really pretty distillery of your embarked. Sounded should. Definitely. A swing by I gotta try the. I. Haven't been to yet. So I went there when they were building it and we got the walk around through the construction site, and then just recently I got to stop in and it's been. Probably, ear and year, plus since I was there. So it's all finished and landscape and everything really really Nice Oh. Maybe. Why don't we have Brent, tell us about the first whisky thinks the first one we're going to be trying out is the yellowstone two thousand Nineteen Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, this is. Yeah one, hundred, one, proof, Fifty, point, five, percent, AB, nine age stayed they they say this has got a suggested retail price around one hundred dollars for seven, hundred, fifty milliliter bottle. So Steve, beam his brother Paul? Being opened up limestone branches story in. Two. Thousand Eleven With the goal of create crafting the finest whisky in small batches with the history of is still on both sides of their family beaming Dant, the brothers are seventh generation distillers in two, thousand, fifteen, they brought the yellowstone brand back to the family. It's A, it's A. Real Alec, and a lot at that story because it's it's the exact antithesis of every big corporate distillery. Ever go to. It's a little place. The first time I went there the first I walked in and. There's a dog land next to the still who's looking at me like, what do you want? It's just so laid back. They were. You know they've expanded now considerably, but still it's You know it's it's a family run operation and it's If you're if you're up in, Kentucky definitely give swing by the tour guide is worth a visit us even. As. He's he's he is awesome. Let me tell you that guy is golden. There's very few tour guides that are really worth visit and he's one of the. Absolutely, but yeah, really cool place and they keep growing and we were up there doing barrel back. They're coming out with some really nice stuff. So. What did you say? Oh, actually. I did have a little bit information. Rumor has it that this is a blend of nine and twelve year old barrels.

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