Will Big Ten be next conference to cancel its fall college football season?


To what Was reported earlier today by Pete Family. Another mid American conference today. They've already canceled their false sports schedule. They say they're going to try to play college football in the spring. According to Pete Family. Big 10 presidents are meeting today they are considering or that what is on the table. Is that they would cancel football for the fall, impossibly moved to spring. Gordon. What we see from the Big 10 commissioner. There are reports out that he Courtesy of the Detroit Free Press. The Big 10 commissioner prefer spring college football season. Now let me break this down in a couple of different ways won a lot of people going to talk about covert. We are obsessed with covert. We're talking about Cove. It rightfully so in a lot of ways, That's something that we should take seriously. I have to remain cynical. I have to remain Questioning these type of things, because I think there's something else at hand here. And I'm not getting a lot of pushback on it. And I know that they bring up the spring schedule and I I hope it's about covert. I hope it's about health. I hope it's about the safety of people involved. I really do hope it's about that. I do. But I'm just not convinced it's all about that. I think that Yeah, they do care someone about it. Yes, sure. Absolutely. More. I think about this, the more I think that there is a turd on that punch bowl, and that turd was laid in there or around this time last week when the Pac 12 had their players have a list of demands. Even to the Pac 12 presidents. I got a bad feeling that that's part of this. You know, the big 10. Some of those players followed suit. I just thought it was really interesting that today I see a report. Courtesy of ESPN is well, a stadium that Big 10 players from the Ohio State University have said, Hey, we're good. We love the guidelines. We are ready to play. It happens today as the president's air about Teo me of the Big 10. Something doesn't seem right. Something seems a little off. So it makes me wonder about that type of thing. If this is about and I do think there's a percentage of it what it is. I'm not sure there. There is a concern about people. There's a concern about health and safety. And it will. Certainly I'm sure we'll get the people in here so they can. They're 22 year old athletes. They're they're healthy horses. They'd be perfectly fun. I know, man. I know more than likely. Yeah, they'd be perfectly fine. And we've been talking about it for a while. It takes is one even if it were one. I don't know if that were to happen, Hell. My gosh, This is an ugly conversation have but we have to have it is that there are guys who die of heatstroke every year. In high school and college football, and it keeps going And I would wonder even if a person were to die from this in college football. It would maybe keep going. But when we're talking about a list of demands from players where they want compensation, where they want equitable treatment. Wonder if that's a little bit too much for the university presidents. They think, Okay, we'll wait. Maybe we'll wait till spring.

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