Interview with White House Chief Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow; Interview with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; Interview with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine - burst 10


But that extra money. We went to people who really needed. It enabled them to buy groceries, enable them to do their rant. The other benefited had frankly is they went out and spent that money as you would expect and that money circulated in the Ohio economy. So it it mattered a lot of 'em so whether or not it six hundred or four hundred or words were that figure should be. I think Congress needs to get back at it. I talked with Rob Portman this morning and know rob had a plan some time ago. That seemed to me to be a compromise plan which gave people money, but also gave them an extra sunny if they went back to work, that's the type thing that there's got to be a middle ground somewhere. There wouldn't be. Young, I want to ask about the money for states, which is a big hold up between the two sides. The president said yesterday that what he did takes care of the situation. But more importantly, he said the Democrats are holding out for funding for states like yours because it's a bailout for democratic run states, you're a republican run important state of Ohio could use the money that they're talking about.

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