Boston - NH Ice Cream Shop Owner Defends Staff, Asks Customers To ‘Stop Mask Drama’


Is an ice cream shop. In New Hampshire. It's called Stillwell's Riverwalk, ice cream and Exit or New Hampshire and the owner is defending is defending her staff about Because they were criticized about people not wearing masks or socially distancing. So earlier in the week, someone sent a photo to the shop owner Aerial Wolf. It was a photo of young Children in baseball uniforms, even ice cream on the sidewalk outside of the store in Wolf said the person was upset because these boys we're not wearing masks on Dweik saying We can't afford anyone. To do anything, especially on a public sidewalk. So she went on her Facebook account and said. And ask people to stop. The mask, Drama masks and social distancing are encouraged at Stilwell's. So now kids can't take their masks off to eat ice cream on the sidewalk. Because they weren't socially distancing your you're goingto post a picture. You're going to send it to the owner and tell them that they weren't socially distancing and um, wearing their masks while they're eating ice cream after probably a baseball game that they had And you're you're masked, shaming little kids.

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