Austin Jochum on Bringing the Training Session to Life


So why? Want to say this. So how it was there a better way to spell your last name then or would there be like Italic so I can have people pronounce it correctly when they read the headline here. Yeah everybody thinks like it's A. Job looks like Josh right here. But if you have really gonNA spell, we probably with a Y Y Y. Que you or something like that since last name just totally jacked up. The I I'm not GonNa lie when saw I think maybe it was when you asked me to. Be On your podcast dry your podcast before I thought it was Josh. So I apologize I just wrote in my little notes I put. Okay You M. so hopefully that eleven maybe that'll resolve things a little bit. So just for everyone out there that'll. Thousand my that was my iteration. And that's where we just have to get to a point as a coach and a company where people in the not to say. That's one of our goals. People say Yoga the right way yeah. Yeah. That'd be good. Creative Project Austin. So I know one of the things that I really like about looking at your work is I. Know that want to know you're really creative coach always love I know this is GonNa be an awesome talk and I was curious you did football I think track a you're into strengthening conditioning. What what was your formation in your years as a college athlete and then your choice to become the type of coach that you are now? Yeah and I think it's funny that you say I'm a creative coach because as a player I was anti creative like from from the very day one. Started lifting in high school with Olympic lifts like straight. Olympic. Style. Monday Wednesday Friday, all we did was clean and jerk clean snatch, and then maybe some bench presents watts and just the differ variation of that and. I mastered swore by those for so many years. That's literally the only thing I ever did. If. We sprinted if we did anything maybe some ladders we did but. The entire program was Olympic lifts swear by it was awesome in highschool got really strong at that. Thought that was the answer. When into my first year college at Saint Thomas Football Kaikan on the field first day we actually lifted before we went on the field we lifted and I was like smoking these guys like smoking on cleaner jerk like doing. More than a lot of seniors on their all I'm here I arrived I'm sweet a freshman. Football, we go to the practice that day and I I my mind was blown I had no idea was happening speed the game was different. Everything was different I'm move to like a robot out on the field and just moved terribly and I started the. To all right, what's happening in the weight room is not what's happening on the field and I need to find a way to bridge that gap and that started the full journey and I think it is a journey because then it was west side stuff on my. All right not the Olympic stuff. Now it's west side. Now it's the powerlifting. Now it's some box. Johnson plow metrics advance to my are still stuck in that weight reminds set of. Bands the bar now GonNa be faster and it helped a little bit I moved just a little bit better. But I think we're just because I was destroying my body a little bit less than the weight room and I still a little bit slower on the field and it was just this journey than it was bilateral to single lateral. Then it was traffic training and this this full hodgepodge of things but never fully breaking out of the weight room mindset never breaking into the movement onset and by the time graduated. At Saint Thomas I had some athletic success on the field and. But it was in a way of I forced myself into a mold of athletic success. I plays Nose Guard and my movement options were very small and I was watching other players and I was doing a job that was required to do doing his thing. I'm field that is required to do but the game move fast for me everything move fast for me I had. Very little movement options I had one may maybe one pass rush move and I was good at the pass rush move. But I didn't have a lot of options people next left and right and me that works out in quotation worked out a lot less than me that they had way more options and that's really where I started to dive into how can I get more movement options for myself? How can I move better? How can I give my athletes the ability to? Now that you have a huge output, you're able to lift a bunch of weight. You're able to sprint really really fast to do all these things. How can we give you options to do this? How can we give you? Can we slow the game down a little bit for you and that's Kind of a little bit of where we started the journey of where Rats Day and hopefully the journey continues for the next ten to fifteen years I can look back at this podcast. About Austin but that's kind of the

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