Alone, Together

Israel Story


So you'll high, what was working on this piece like for you, what? Did you learn first of all I learned how difficult it is for community that so knit to separate itself all of a sudden like what valiant effort. They did to actually do that once they realize what was going on. And the price is heavy prices. They paid I learned how lockdown affects people very differently lockdown, not the same for a young couple with the one kid or a bachelor living alone or with some roommates, as it is for a mother of you know six seven thirteen kids. Another thing I learned. Is You know these people are very positive? Even when I talked to them, and I talked to remember, I talked to people who had very strong complaints. That's that's how I reached them. Even those people at the end. All of them felt it was very important to end with a positive message. Hopeful message that we can all learn to get along better and. They'll never complain. They'll say you know. It's very very hard, but So. That was really inspiring for me. Being myself stuck with three kids at home and much. Full of. Self pity. That story was produced by High May. Together with our amazing production intern Marie Huda. Ari Jacob wrote and performed the original music. We don't usually think the interviewees in our stories, but this times different since for many of them, talking to the media, especially to non Hundred d media isn't a trivial matter. So. Thank you willy. Dick Mantova Henny Judy near Hyme Teitelbaum. You the elite Menachem Tokyo Shag leak and many others who preferred to remain anonymous, a special thanks to a wicked Zana the national anti-racism coordinator for the Department of Justice, who was incredibly helpful throughout the process of putting this piece together. Before we sign off. Let's check back in with sergeant. Alex Smith the Home Front Command squad leader patrolling the streets of. His assignment like that of many other soldiers was really a bit strange. After all the deem, don't buy large. Go into the army. In fact, some of them are quite hostile towards the arm. So Alex wasn't sure how it would all go down I. Thought I would be getting things thrown at me or like getting shouted from the other side of the street stuff. Like what is the army doing? Hugh, get out of place. I can tell you that as soon as they see us coming there like and they put on the face mask or go to another place. So what do you do you go and knock on people's doors or where? How'd you? How'd you convey this information? No, we do not going to people's homes. We are going close to supermarkets to hospitals. Two clinics in how the hundred received the soldiers so far so good. We have not had any problems set. Like what are you doing you or what? Why is your army coming into a neighborhood? Not all. You're not the right I. Am not I am a secular you I I would say. And is this the first time that you've had significant interaction with with him? Yes, and say that it's nothing like I would have expected I. Not all the like for real are taking us the way we are and leading. Do what we are intending to do, which is to help them and they're cooperating. Also which I think is fantastic

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