Elliot Seguin: Test Pilot


Did you get an aviation? grew up in a flying family My Dad had assessment semi to for most of my childhood than than I guess when I was pretty young for remember you bought a swift and we had swift grown up in that timeframe when you start getting into get into cars, 'cause you WanNa get into girls He's hot rod out at swift. He put a big motor in it and set some records with and. It was the perfect sendoff to will not playing with Clark's. Their place instead. That is awesome and you've had a great career after a growing up aviation as an engineer being a part of a lot of special programs aviation. How did you progress into a professional aviation career? yes. So The big thing was me and you he he was a pilot but just for So it was a big thing in the family that for me to even think about making money with aviation I didn't really have a good model for that. So establishing that model really came down to two guys. One was my uncle Berle who was a mechanic and the other was a guy named Dave Grohl who restored A spearman's and t six is just down the road from the airport where I learned to ride my bicycle. So between those two guys, they sort of established that model for how you could. Use Airplanes to to make your money rather than just spend it, and that's that the sugar trajectory that led to the rest of it. That is awesome. So l. it you have a really cool company name was Sabi flight test was Sabi erasing how did that name come about? Yeah. So we're enough we were eating Sushi right No, but So we we did come up with the name eating Sushi. We were looking for a name for the for the race plane are we had bought our cast it project that happened to be green and I was looking for a name that would tie the the color of the airplane to the branding and would also fit well on the side of the airplane. Right there's like that aspect ratio between the. Pilot's seat back bulkhead in the front of the Horizontal Stab, you WanNa kind of that space efficiently as possible So between that and you know having a lot of. It was going to be fun for fun to say this is a really engineering response. Sorry about that. But that was where we came up with with Sabi unfortunately now, we're stuck with it so. So tell us a little bit that company. Yeah. So I think you Kinda Kinda. Talk about Michael Brawl in in Dave right back in. Michigan. Right and so you sort of like I'm GonNa make money with aviation like what does that look like you're trying to figure out like how to set those sites right sort of doing bookwork get engineering degree like how's it all add up to what end up in in Muhabi at scaled right so quickly that that Idea becoming an engineer on aviation engineer on airplanes to like like, can you fly like what it's like test like that's like a really exponential curve right? We go from like WHOA can I make money with airplane to like oh? Wow. Like Mike Millville is like a high school trained like NPR slash astronaut that is the coolest thing ever, and how do you like do that right? Well. It turns out like other people coming up with that same thing at the same time. So there was like a handful of us at scale and really at the Mojave airport that we're all sort of competing for like you know who was GonNa the the visualization was that. Somebody was going to have to sit in the right seat of those spaceship flights somewhere between like yeah. Melville was going to get the first flight you know Pete or whatever but it was gonna be some flights before customers were in the right seat in the back seat and that Steve was gonna you know some get bored and they were going to put someone there and you would have a chance to be an astronaut supersonic all reversible controls rocket engine like everything flying the world's greatest Hondo. So, creating a path to make yourself competitive for that in this environment like mojave work for spaceship one before they should wonder but voyageur Mohammed was desolate. There was nobody really after spatial won the place got like flooded with talent. So. There's all these guys that are buying for my spot. I want that spot, right so I go to work as hard as I can all day but the other day there's slow there's time left the end of the day. What am I gonNA, do with it, and that's where we saw became came down to right. So whether it was with air racing or helping a friend developed with a platform whatever I can subsidize my flight test activities with a full time job, and then ideally I don't have to. Be With the Siren headed like design the airplane builder my wife working you know basically two fulltime jobs to get things done as you move to where you're doing that more and more professionally like just not happening to build the airplane is such a huge benefit independent of whether or not I get paid or not right. So if you can use that full-time job to subsidize the back end, that's where it was Sabi allows me to build that resume that hopefully makes me competitive remember you know the the sort of the end of the the civilian test pilot dream scale was when they started bringing in More and more military trust train test pilots, right military test pilot right and it's two million bucks to make him a fighter pilot. Then you drop another million to two million to make him a test pilot that's what you're competing with as a civilian, right so high, you get that experience. So I have to like give away my time at least I didn't have to build all those airplanes to get the experience and that's what the the basis of Assab years. Right. I have to make a silly youtube video or do some engineering build an airplane whatever it is to the flight test experienced resume because that's First of all sort of unforgettable experience in second ball. That's what we're passionate about. So so that's You're

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