A good, strong, healthy young man that could get into lots of trouble and be what a normal young boy would be,


And in that moment, I mean, people ask Did you ever find out why it's like, know you're in pain. You just want to get the pain taken care of. So November Ofninety three, had my second fusion. Went through recovery again. Surgery One. Well, jury to recovery went well, Everything was looking great. Eight months later found out that fusion failed. Oh, my goodness. So you start to wonder. Yeah, Yeah, a little bit. So it's under up Having my third surgery October of 1994. I thought Hey, you know, two surgeries in a year. That's got to do something Just like it Just felt right. You know, Third time's a charm. Yes, you know, I mean, hope. Definitely so Went through that surgery again. Surgery went well. Recovery went well move on with life at two young kids. And In 1996. I started having more pain. Found out that the last fusion failed. Oh, my goodness. So I then had two surgeries within three days in 1986 and they did. Surgery.

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