The Crypto Security Triangle Concept

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Now in this lesson, I'd like to talk to you about how old cryptos share the same fundamental security principle, but they differ in specific details. So this is important to know because no matter how hard a hacker tries to confuse you as long as you are clear on these fundamental principles that apply to Cryptos. They won't stand a chance against you. So I, called the security triangle because. I think a good way to visualize represented this idea. At the bottom, we have the point of the triangle and that represents the fundamental security principles that old cryptos share. Think of it like the root of a tree that everything stems from. Then as the triangle get wider that represents the increasing differences between the various cryptocurrencies which all share the same route. This fundamental security principle that I'm talking about the old Crypto Shit is that your private key controls you'll crypto It doesn't matter which cryptocurrency a witch crypto asset we talking about. If anyone tells you that they need to know your private key that should immediately ring alarm bells and you should stop immediately and seek help because the is awesome. Wants drafts camping. You know what? They say better safe than. Sorry. So it's all over, he wanted to say in this lesson, I wanted to make a dedicated lesson on this particular topic to guarantee the you hit. If, included this in. The mix of a bunch of different points in the same video than you may have missed it and it's just too important for you to miss. So. Again. What an attack may attempt to do is tell you some story about how this particular cryptocurrency inuits different or based on a different technology, and that's why they need your private key in order to do this and that don't believe. This is. Also where. They're likely to appeal agreed like I said, before by saying that they need your private key in order to make money. Part of you will want to believe that but please don't right just this is not what the risk. If. You do get people saying things like that to you to stop immediately and get help from someone that you trust. And also, who knows what they are doing goes. To how many new cryptos come along they will all shared this fundamental security principle. There would have to be a pretty huge change in the technology for this to change, and if there is I will be talking about it. So stick with me. That's over this lesson

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