Insiders scoff at Meghan and Harry's reported $150M Netflix deal


We've been talking the last couple of days about Meghan Markle and hair, ese. Deal with Netflix. Okay. And there are some reports that have been saying that Prince Harry in Meghan Markle that their production deal signed this week with Netflix could be worth as much as $150 million. And Hollywood insiders are saying Absolutely not. There's no way it could be that much because they're producers, not content creators. So what The comparison is is to some of these deals like Shonda Rhimes, For example, you know who's created Grey's Anatomy on everything. She has a reported $150 million deal with Netflix and then the creator of Black ish Kenya. Barris. Also, that deal reported to be worth $100 million. But there's a top Hollywood agent who says that he'd be shocked if Meghan and Harry's deal was worth more than two million a year because they aren't creating these shows, you know, like Shonda And Kenya are creating the concepts writing. I mean, Shauna writes everything. Yeah, Yeah. Big difference. Mona Content she produces is extraordinary. Unbelievable. I mean, she writes she has a team to about 20. But yeah, I mean her her vision. Her concepts exacts important. You're showrunner and your head writer. They set the tone of everything right. So Harry and Megan, they're going to just kind of source it out and and they're going to hear a name on it. Yeah, and they're going to be producer so they'll put their name on it. But there will be other producers as well.

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