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Now. Here's your host Doug Sandler. Nice Guy. Communities so get this so today. We actually have someone that is at least I think he admits to being a friend of mine. Although, we haven't actually gone out. Drinking together in the trumark of a friend is is guys that have scotch or beer or wine or whatever? What? What are you drink Scott a single mom guy, single mark guy. What would be your favorite label of of Single Malt Scotch It's a tough one. I went over to Scotland and the whiskey trophy years ago, but Bov any double. Double Wood is a popular one I. Think you can get that at Sam's Club now, so the one that all the locals told us to check out. If you ever go to Scotland, do the whiskey trail was called? Glenn Farkas Nice. Nice out. So you're so you're not necessarily like a mcallen guy, or or any of the like. They'll shoot back mcallen anytime you want. So, would you? I can't tell the difference between what is it the the eighteen or the twenty five or the? What are the what? I don't even know the year. They have different. Each brand as far as I know has different years, but and they'll tell you what the difference is is but I just don't have enough time hands to sit there and try to figure out if I can confirm what they're saying or not totally understand. What's the most? You've ever spent on a on like a Scotch Neat? I think eighty eighty bucks, a glass or something, but I. I think let some other people pay more than that for one four straight. Very nice of you very nice, so we're not here to talk Scotch. Single Malt double. Mall whatever you, whatever it is or even wine or beer or any of that, but Dr Josh Luke is a hospital. CEO Keynote Speaker futures well known for his humorous and entertaining personal stories that engage audiences and I've I've actually had a chance to to watch a number of things that he's done on Youtube. He's gotta a Youtube Channel spent last live well. He is Dr Josh Leuke is just Josh to me. He is a IS A. A great excellent podcast or wonderful guy and I'm happy to have him here on the show. Welcome Josh to the Nice guys. Thanks for having me. It's exciting to be here. This is is this overdue? Because isn't this your? Is this your first time on our show? This is my first time on the show. I've been busy man with all the things you've taught me. Do a podcast on the believe, believe dot, com. PODCAST network called the Dugout dudes. It was originally called the dodger dude, because I do the former dodger. We've had Dave Roberts. We've got a bunch of former ball players, and it's been fun so I in the time I've met you have. rebranded my show as you mentioned now it spend less live well, but I'm also doing that. Separate Baseball podcasts I've been busy just like you well. The healthcare arena is one that you could probably stay infinitely busy in for an entire lifetime. What is going on with like this whole crazy is is the stuff that's going on in the world right now, and if you're listening to this in the replay mode, which you're listening in replay, but it depends on when you're listening right now in the central hub of Cova. Like is this how how much this adversely affecting health care, the state of health care affordability of healthcare, or is it not making a dent a difference at all well, there was a lot of questions in one. That's me Josh. Asked very specific on Scotch but I'm GonNa go full shotgun on everything else. I can answer the last part. It's definitely having an impact on health care. The hospitals believe it or not an empty, and there's a simple reason for that nobody in their right mind wants to be the hospital right now. In fact, even the Behavioral Health in psychiatric hospitals than I used to run. are empty, even behavior. Behavior Health community has said Lee all to care for myself at home, which goes to show you. How committed people are staying out of the hospital? Because they don't want to be exposed to Covid as you mentioned, you know we're taping this in May when most of the country has flattened the curve at this point and we're starting to reopen every day. There's a couple of new states couple new counties. I hear. People say as their second spike coming will of there's going to be a second third and fourth. When you reopen, and you're trying to acclimate, there's going to be pockets spikes here and there I think some other countries, and in states like Florida have been that I'm. You don't have to quarantine we did, and it seemed to work at least in California, but as you can see that California getting right now because they see that others didn't in there. Okay, but I'm happy to be a California in that we flatten the curve for. For four weeks, but I also think we need to get back to living responsibly in with intelligence, and the hospitals are hurting financially because they had to cancel all their high profit, procedures but what you will come to learn about me Doug as you have. Is I am a former CEO who kind of pulling back the curtain on hospitals and say man Americans can't afford healthcare, so we have to teach them and give them the tools to access affordable care and live a healthy lifestyle, and that's largely what you're gonNA. Hear on my podcast in Youtube show. Show It's been less live well. It used to be called. Spend less on healthcare as you know, but affinity this question the answer by saying this the reason I rebranded my spend less on healthcare podcast. That was actually a an award winning podcast. Two years in a row is because covert. I started doing daily updates on youtube and on link Dan and others, and I found that people were hungry for my expertise in areas beyond just healthcare for Tbilisi. How is impacting the family how they should go out in the community? Things like that and that's actually. Actually the main reason why I, rebranded my show because I think there's other things people can can gain from the network I. Have that are a value to them, and so that's what we're trying to do on. Spend less live while we're having. Pastors were having a hospital executives. If need be were having doctors were having anybody that can help you live a healthier lifestyle and their how to save money. Factor I think are set second episode was three or four applications or tools. You can teach your teenage kids on how to manage their money more effectively. Do with healthcare, so we're all over the board. Yeah, What's interesting about it? Is You know an and I've always approached healthcare like a good. The best defense is a great offense where it's like okay. If I don't even need to the insurance money, the premiums that I'm paying while they are certainly to me, you know nearly for a single individuals six hundred dollars a month. Month for a guy that remains healthy. My best approach this is I'm just considering that an investment in the world that sick, because fortunately I've never and knock on wood. I've never had to to go into the hospital for any procedure other than elective procedure, so the the seventy two hundred dollars and I'm spending. Every year is going to someone else that is being able to. To use it totally fine. 'cause I feel like I'm going to invest in in in exercise. I'm going to invest in a good diet I'm going to invest in a positive mindset to a healthy attitude, and what better way to boost your immune system and spend less by living well I. mean that's totally the title. The title of Your Youtube Channel Your podcast, so just talk. Talk about that for a second because I. think that that is an essential element in us. Spending less is by instead of being mandated to take a a Freakin vaccine. Why don't we get mandated to taking vitamin C. and exercising? Yeah, such a great question. Can I ask you real quick for answer that will Yasser annual deductible is at five thousand like most people is. Seventy five hundred dollars. Yeah, okay, so you're. You're right there in the norm and it's GonNa lead in good to this answer. You're basically paying fifteen grand a year before you see a single doctor or you access or you get a single prescription picked up right just for the right to access healthcare whether it's good or not. and. Most American families are at twenty three to twenty four thousand, so you're right there in the exact range, and as you mentioned, you're healthy. You've never had a need for it, but it's. It's like buying a new car every year just to have the right to do it so for that reason among others, but that's

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