Trump Expands Federal Crackdown from Portland to Chicago


Tonight, CBS News has obtained an email showing President Trump is preparing to send federal officers to patrol the streets of Chicago in response to growing gun violence. Now. This follows fierce clashes in Portland, Oregon, between federal officers and protesters here. CBS's Carter Evans federal officers in Portland on orders from the White House, fire, gas and rubber bullets as they faced off with protesters. Clashes escalated after video showed federal officers in fatigues pulling people off the streets with no explanation. And then over the weekend, 53 year old Christopher David, a Naval Academy graduate, Said he asked officers about their oath to protect the Constitution and got thiss response. And I figured, OK, they could get me and they hit me with Tom's, but they're probably not killing. Probably not going to shoot me. The city officials in and state government is asking you to remove your federal officers. Why foresee issue? We're not forcing any issue. We're accomplishing our mission, which is to protect the federal facilities. Can you say once and for all that there is absolutely no political motivation behind this? Yes, absolutely. Look, This is us doing our job That job could spread to other communities. CBS News obtained a D. H s memo that says the first city identified was Chicago and we've been tasked to send 175 agents to assist reporting middle of next week. We'll organs Attorney general has filed a lawsuit against several federal agencies, accusing them of using unlawful tactics here. And violating civil

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