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Best practices for establishing boundaries in the home between an ageing parent who sheltering in place with an adult child because of Covid and adult caregiver I'm an empty Nester and haven't been a full time caregiver in quite some time asking for a friend. That friend is me trying to stay sane. That's so funny like I'm asking for. My friend in that front will be. So. I think the best way to kind of tackle this because I. Understand before Colbert I. Actually was thinking of moving in with my parents and selling my house, and I was like Oh my God homina deal for mother Oh. My God Oh my God Because like your mom, my mom will micromanage my life despite the fact that I'm like a fully formed adult with child. Tigris that'd be. You know I think that. With the both of us, we have kind of bearing mothers, and so I've had to in my adult life finally feel comfortable with creating boundaries for me and my mom. Because my mother will just you know she will just nitpick and just like why. I think you should be doing this and. And some even when I say like okay, I don't really want to do that. It's like, but you're you're you're going to mess this up and you need to do all these things. I think finally with the boundaries I was able to establish with my mom. She began to understand like okay. You know what Imani does. Need a break like what she's doing. Really is a lot and so I was really grateful to be able to have the courage, and just have the voice to say you know. What like here's the thing. Sometimes I'm on will call me and I'll be in the middle of something, and I'll be like you know what I'm sorry, but you literally have two minutes. Tell me what you need to tell me. Because I got to go back into a bunch of other things, and I think the same kinds of boundary setting can be applied that this situation I don't know. The person who wrote this question I. Don't know you know how large space you live in, but I think even if you live in a smaller space, you know you can try to find your me time and that me time can include meditating. Conclude going to Yoga, it can include walking down. The street can include pretty much like if you drive around and look at stuff, it could be anything but I think along with setting boundaries. Most important is to set a schedule because now you have an adult parent living with you and that adult parent was used to keeping scheduled to. It may not have been like. Oh, I'm going to go to work and. I gotta go to the store after work. Because maybe they're retired, but now with Cova did it was really difficult for a lot of people that I would see in as patients and they were like well. You know I had a schedule, but now I don't and I'm saying lay in. My sleep is off really important in this situation that you're able to establish batteries with. With your parents, also that you're able to really carve out time for yourself, so I think we should just give a big up to the person that wrote this question. Because if you just stop and think about it for a moment, imagine being corn teamed with your parent. That's not to be. That's gotta be hard. It's gotta be rough. That's a hard. No, that's a negative. State of mind premiers, June twenty fifth subscribe now in Stitcher Apple. PODCASTS or wherever you listen.

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