Robotics: An Overview


Just explain a bit about like what the field of robotics looks like an is yeah, so a lot of the popular robots that you probably have seen in the news. They're based off of being able to have a robot. That's walking. We're very intelligent robots, not their robots are mechanical pieces. You know of junk. Put something into. Right and so yeah, you'll see walking robot to see dog robots. You'll see the facial expression robots you know that are supposed to women in some way, and those are yes, they definitely hardware involved in back can be very complicated, but what drives those is a I am the programming the software behind it and so in order for us to even get to that point. We're GONNA need a lot more about we're really not there yet. Yes, we have some degree of walking robots, but it's not a ubiquitous technology that you can just plug in play from being in some of my robotics internships. I definitely got the feel that understanding the field robotics is also looking at. At where what it's not doing what people are trying to do and you'll see some articles here there about ooh. Does this robot really what the company that made? It says it does he know like is it? Is it real and that's true for a lot of a more advanced robot, so you might be thinking of so you have to start small. If you were a robotics, intern added company. They most likely would have a narrow field for you so for me. When I was Zuma, robotics internships I always had very narrow fields where it was like maybe just mapping, Gimme a robot to be able to understand its location and navigate on its own or it's. Just being able to see and being identify objects like there's usually a barrier build when you go into robotics, and so you think bishen perception, you think of autonomy so being able to navigate on itself, and that doesn't have to be on legs. It can be on wheels, and then also just some of the use cases so not all robots are meant to do the same things. Some just look pretty and. Some. Just look you know they just walk in. That's all they do. And there is no real application, and then there are other areas of interest where it's like. How do we create an office about the delivers prince to you, so you don't have to get up. Or How do you tell presence robot so that someone can come into an office remotely, but they can't get through the. The door. How do they get to the door on their own? They always need. Someone opened the door for them. So those are some of the branches that you can go on and what anybody who's interested in robotics as a idea, just start going on the list of. How would they do this holiday that end in? You'll come to see how much further we have to go.

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