Hingham Firefighters Union Refusing To Take Down ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flags near Boston


We're going to go to Hingham, Massachusetts. If you live on the South shore if you live on the South Shore. Um You have much to talk about tonight. Basically The South Shore, the town of Hingham. Is probably one of the nicest towns on the South Shore. It is certainly I think, one of the wealthiest towns of the South Shore Apparently a single complaint. By one citizen if I am to believe the Patriot Ledger newspaper, which I do believe Complained about what's called a thin blue line flag won't atop fire trucks in him. Now, for those of you who do not know what the thin blue line flag is. It's a flag that takes the American flag. Aah! And basically Um The red white blue are hushed or eliminated so flag of a black and white with a thin blue line, which obviously is intended to pay Tribute, Tio our first responders. And Was specifically purchased. By the Hingham Fire Department. Ah, too. Show support for the police department in Weymouth that lost Sergeant Michael Chestnut back a couple of years ago in again one of those Police shootings that you would not expect to have occurred in a community like Wayne that there was an early Sunday morning shooting in which The officer. What was approach someone who was acting pretty badly and in an effort to calm the guy down as I understand it, the The individual picked up Iraq, fired it at the head of officer Chestnut, standing him and then took out. The officer's gun himself and killed officer South Sergeant Michael Chestnut. There was also a woman in a nearby porch was simply sitting there, reading her Sunday morning newspaper who was also killed and I don't know if She was killed in a random shot or if she was killed intentionally that will all come out and quit anyway in nearby Hingham, neighboring Hingham. Um, the authorities there. I guess the select people. As well as the fire chief and the police chief told the Fire Department that they had to remove the thin blue line. The flags from the fire trucks now. The these, um flags, um are black and white versions of the American flag with a single blue line at the center. Ah, I have no idea where that is standing tonight in Hingham, But it seems to me that it was a mistake. Now, apparently. The individual who called with a complaint with one single citizen felt that the blue the back the blue themes and the Again and hear the thin blue line flag somehow. Um Offended the Black lives matter movement. Now it seems to me that it is entirely possible that someone could be sympathetic to the peaceful aspirations of black lives matter. Which which would be to have everyone treated. Equally and equally fairly by police officers and never again have what happened either to George Floyd in Minneapolis or Briana Taylor in in Kentucky. Happened again again in a big country like this. Will there be another incident? I'm sure sadly, there will be But The two year anniversary is, according the Patriot Ledger of Sergeant Chestnuts. July 15th 2018 Death an anonymous person Placed about 500 small, thin blue line flags on brain tree's town common near town hall. The flag spelled out the words spelled out the words. Thank you. But after talking with the mayor, I didn't even know that thief hanging ahead of me. And I thought, um, I thought him was a town. But that's what's reported in the In the ledger of the flags were removed from town hall to the Braintree Police Department property where there is a memorial for fallen officers. This is upsetting to me. Ah, I hope it is upsetting to you and I hope that you will Call and and express yourself. Um, this this is wrong because you now Not you cannot. You can express support for black lives matter. But if you would you express support for something other, some other cause. Again a back the blue cause somehow your Expression of supporting the police. Can be eradicated again. This is the cancel culture that we're dealing with in this country right now. Can't according to the ledger, one person, one person made a phone call. And the the officials in Hingham rolled over Now, If that story is changing, we did reach out to him to Hingham officials today. And of course, we had no one who would have the courage to come on and explained the rationale, but From the Um, from what we have Red Ah, the town statement was the town of Hingham has a long standing practice of Onley displaying official flags of the nation state town in military. As result when we were made aware of a banner being displayed on a town asset, I eat a fire truck that was inconsistent with this practice. We ask to be removed. Pingan firefighters Local 23 98 took to Facebook to make clear that displaying the flag of the on the anniversary of Justin's death was to support the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day. And wasn't no time meant to be a political statement, while the members of local 23 98 or not pleased with the decision to remove the flags will continue our unwavering support for all the men and women of law enforcement. Who bravely protect their communities Day in and day out, So

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