Review: amazing TCL/Roku TV for $229

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Graham here with a question when the last time you bought yourself a new. Year after year. You know I've been amazed at the falling prices of sets that would garner seven hundred dollars two thousand dollars just a few years ago, and I just picked up a new forty three inch, T. C. L. set with roku built in for two hundred and twenty nine dollars. Two hundred and twenty nine dollars for a display that offers four K. HD, resolution and HDR. But forget about the acronyms I'm just amazed at what you can get now for two hundred bucks. I bought the TV for a non traditional reason to use it as a giant computer monitor to watch videos that I have edited on my laptop on my little sixteen inch laptop. So I paid fifteen dollars for a ten foot HD my cord. That's the Court of course that connects the TV to other devices and I connected it to my apple macbook pro. It went directly to the TV. I didn't have to spring for an additional twenty five to fifty dollars for a separate. Roku streaming player right so I saved money. The footage looks so great at forty three inches I had to wonder why anybody would go out and spend big bucks on a computer monitor a quick look on Amazon in a forty three inch LG monitor is upwards of six hundred bucks wow. So the other thing once I sit up the TV. I never had to plug in antenna cable box or anything defined oodles of programming. All I needed was a WIFI signal. roku screen name and Password and suddenly I had five hundred APPs available on the platform. A lot of them wanted money from me, but there was many that didn't there was so much free stuff I couldn't believe it. I mean I come from a generation that's used to connecting things to the TV whether that be streaming box whether that be an antenna whether that be a cable box. I mean this is amazing. I can act the nothing. so the APPS. There's the usual Pandora Hulu Amazon Prime Video Netflix's s on and on two big ones missing Hbo Max in NBC's Peacock. Financial negotiations, and then there's the roku channel which is a homegrown collection that supported movies and TV shows mostly on the older side. Batman bewitched movies like the perfect storm, dogs and cats. Crimson tide. And live news channels and these are really good from ABC. NBC and CBS. Accord cutters dream no cable needed. All you need is Wifi and you get more stuff than you'd ever Wanna see without connecting anything. So how cool is that? The picture quality I would rate as a ten for a two hundred dollar TV or five on the overall scale. If you're comparing it to the best of breed leads a fifty inch led from Samsung cost eight hundred dollars for the TCL set. You'll have to sit right in front of it. Turn the lights on low and not be on the sides and that way the pitcher will look its best for a savings of six hundred dollars I can do that.

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