Najib Razak, Malaysia’s Former Prime Minister, Found Guilty in Graft Trial


Has been found guilty ofthe corruption in the first of three trial was linked to a multi $1,000,000,000 scandal at the state Investment Fund. One Mdb He was convicted on all charges, including abuse of power, money laundering and breach of trust. Southeast Asia correspondent is Jonathan, Jonathan, head head of of the the seven seven counts counts against against him. him. The The judge judge made made it it absolutely absolutely clear. clear. He He found found Mr Mr Najib's Najib's defense defense unconvincing unconvincing his his claim claim that that the the money that went into his account he thought it too come from a Saudi royal, the judge said. Well, why did you never even checked with the Saudi royal family? Three claim that he didn't have real authority over a pension fund that siphoned large amounts of money into this investment fund. All of these, the judge found on convincing all seven counts found guilty. A clear sign that Mr Najib's sway is no longer what it wass. Mr Najib's says he will appeal and his lawyers are seeking a delay to sentencing. Prosecutors allege around a $1,000,000,000 from the Malaysian State Fund made its way into his accounts. He'd insisted he was changed after 15 years of

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