U.S. Navy's first Black female fighter pilot gets her Wings of Gold

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Truly historic moment in the military the first African, American female fighter pilot just got her wings. But as Alice reports, there is still so much more to be done. After, years of preparation Lieutenant Madeline swagger is living her dream soared through barriers. Love the fast planes she's the first black female fighter pilot in the nearly one hundred, ten year history of naval aviation like feeling the exhilaration and getting back in the seat a little bit that was awesome on Friday. Lieutenants wiggle her wings of gold. She aimed high early inspired by her parents and they told me that I can be whatever I wanted to be and what she wanted to be what she saw we go see the blue angels in Town I. Don't remember specifically how old I was but. They were just so cool. I Love Them. To See Black Navy pilots. In fact, only one point nine percent of Navy aircraft fighting unit pilots are black this summer a special task force was created to address the issues of racism and sexism. We must work to identify and eliminate individual and systemic racism within our fours. I'm sorry to see that it has taken. So long to have more black women forty years ago Brinda Robinson was the first black. Woman Navy pilot what do you say to the naysayers who say well, they made it easier for you and now they've really made it easier for lieutenants Waigel. I was already flying airplanes before I got into the navy and the only reason why I was able to get there and that was my credential is far outweighed. Any of the guys that I was with I wish that we were saying Oh. Yeah. Just as another black woman whose line airplanes and she's a fighter pilot. Would retire top gun instructor says, it's Waigel a Naval Academy graduate deserves for. Wings. Handed out, you have to earn them certainly have to have the smarts to be able to be a tactical aviator. Awesome to for women who had never even been in an airplane before she joined the Navy I think that representation is important Because we are a very diverse nation, so I would like everyone to believe that they can achieve whatever they want to do. Now top of field flying high into history

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