Appeals court overturns death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber


Pouring in from all sides after a federal appeals court overturns the death sentence of the Boston Marathon bomber, George Tsarnaev thie argument from Tsarnaev's lawyers centered around two jurors who lied when asked if they had posted on social media about the bombing. PBZ Suzanne Saws. Ville spoke with Dr Neil Livingston, author, TV commentator and an expert on security and terrorism. Tsarnaev's death penalty was overturned because of issues with jury selection. The appeals court ruled that the trial judge didn't do enough to prevent biased jurors from being selected. Terrorism expert Neil Livingston says that's a weak argument and think Tsarnaev deserves the death penalty. I believe that might have given some of the victims families. More closure is indeed the death sentence carried out. But the parents of Martin Richard, the youngest victim to die from the bombings, didn't want Tsarnaev to be sentenced to death. And despite Friday's ruling, it's clear Tsarnaev will not be walking out of prison. A free man. He's in Florence, Colorado, right now, which is one of our Super Max presents and you know Life is not going to be a bowl of Cherries Money. Any measure in

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