The Trader Joe's Haul Episode


Okay. How do we feel about Colusa? Think! It's good i. mean it's tasty sweet. Okay, so the coffee flavored liquor is now available in to drink cold brew Kansas Okay so the drink contains real Arabica coffee with notes of Caramel chocolate and vanilla mixed with Colusa, even has the foam on top, and it's only eighty calories again. Wow So. That's because see. The thing is about Colusa. It's usually super calorie dense like leakers like the very very sweet, and so the fact that this says eighty calories a can you know I feel like I would try this and I would make some kind of fun recipes out of it so I'm excited to check that out. Put a little whip on top I. think it'll be good two hundred in a blender with some ice. From the recipe creations I smell a facebook live. Okay, so before we jump in. I do want to say that we haven't yet another fantastic sponsor for this week's episode, you guys. Are you excited about the sponsor, very? I know I am it's our old pals at enlightened first of all enlightened? Sorry, they make the best ice cream and frozen products in the Biz in addition to their incredibly delicious badeah being bought a boom snacking broad beans, which are to die for but today we are specifically talking about a new frozen product. They have you know. Enlightened started out with novelties. They had those ice cream bars originally before they got into pints and all the other great stuff that they do, but they have a new bar called enlightened fruit infusions that are low in sugar there, especially popular with the Kito audience because they're totally Kito, friendly, right? Very low in sugar, sixty ninety calories, hardly any fat. Three to seven grams of fiber, three to five grams of sugars and total, which is pretty incredible for a fruit bar, and they're real fruit frozen pops. They literally have seventy to eighty percent less sugar than most of the competition, and they are not made with any artificial sweeteners. I love these bars. They were nice enough to send them to me like during the pandemic freezer, they're really refreshing. Their infused with natural herbs and other feel good ingredients, but all you really taste. Is that fruity deliciousness now I love the flavors that they have with these because think about how cute and fund these are coconut plus immunity immunity. With elements like elderberry and high biscuits that support a healthy immune system have strawberry and chill. With like calming ingredients like Lavender Camomile and more. And like usually that stuff feels a little like I, don't know. Earthy crunchy a little bit out there to me, but I'm just telling you. The strawberry is my favorite flavor, the watermelon soothe. Has Tim. Rick and other anti inflammatory ingredients, and they have a pineapple and renew flavor with digestive benefits from Dandelions, root, Ginger, root, and more so have you tried these bars I have and I'm like blown away that you get all those benefits and it's just a delicious fruit bar. I was Kinda hoping that maybe you'd want to. Make it a little run down the hill and drop it off at our house. Maybe I should have done that I. I don't know what's left. There might just be sticks left like an ice cream truck. Will you like play some music while you pull up to our house amount, enlighten fruit infusions. Sure, but if by any chance you miss the ice cream, hungry girl as she drives by Your House, you can get these at whole foods. All right we might do that and. Everyone else could do that. We were definitely doing home for whole foods home delivery, so we'll definitely do that for sure. Okay. Well good work from the enlightened people. We Love Them I love everything they put out. This is just a new thing for them. And I say Kudos to them because they have really been doing so well with other Kito friendly products. Okay well onto the hall I am so excited. I have. Have to say we're going to jump in and start tasting. Some of the stuff that I found a trader Joe's. I'm not saying all of this is new, but I have to say it is all new to me so and that's what doesn't matter. Yeah, it doesn't and sometimes you know it's good to to pick up some foods that you hope will be around forever. Because Trader Joe's is known for like having all these. Products, and hopefully some of these will stick around for the long haul, but we are starting off with some savoury items. We've got an exciting egg for todd with Swiss cheese and cauliflower so I. I saw these in the freezer section. I know Aaron who works with US swears by these. She said Lisa. You need to try this. You put it in a flat bread. You make a rap out of it I think they're super cute and you. You can do a lot with them. It says the serving as to for Tatas, but I feel like you only need one especially. If you're creative with it, they have one hundred and thirty five calories, each seven and a half grams of fat twelve and a half grams of protein and their little egg pucks. They're cute. They're very fluffy to.

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