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That's why you need to have motivated players are words important to him. You gotta have players and an atmosphere where players care about each other. So it's not just them carrying the football in and hoping everybody does their job. You're carrying the ball for those guys and Just that different mindset. And having the feeling the responsibility of your teammates. Hopes and dreams with your play. No matter what you're doing, whether you got the ball or not. That's a difference maker. I think running back by committee is the most quintessential example of that. When you got a guy with a ball in his hands, you can tell when a guy is He's gotta have. And when a guy's like I've got my money and Cam Acres who's a major question mark for the Rams might be mirrored by a fellow rookie who's looking more and more like a question mark for the bills this weekend. Zach Moss, who is not practicing for a second straight day, with a toe injury today, so T J Yeldon Khun Very well be up. As the compliment to one Devon Singletary, come Sunday. We have to take a break. But when we return more your comments from the Tweet cheetahs, we ask you what you think The key to victory is for the Bills on Sunday. Against the Rams. Chris Brown, Steve Tasker with you as we're closing up our number two of the program.

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