Not only is the judges but the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi once again, saying that


These activist judges to try to destroy the trump family. And, you know, I've seen it first hand and I just think it's absolutely upon Mercedes. I appreciate you coming on and stating your case. You're always welcome back on this show. Thank you so much for your time. I know you have a very difficult job, and I appreciate what you do. Thank you very much for coming on the great job, and we're excited to get the president reelected and, uh and win the battle. We would love to have Eric Trump on this show, So you know if he's not You busy? One of these days. We'd love to have Eric. Or maybe even Donald Trump, You know? Can you get my Mercedes? Can you put in a good word for us? All right, Mercedes, fresh left. I appreciate you. Thank you very much. That's Mercedes Schlapp, the senior advisor to the Trump campaign. Hey, she answered all my questions. I don't agree with their answers. But I appreciate your taking the time to come on and state her case. We'll take a quick break and when we come back A question I didn't really get to with because we didn't have that much time. The trump transfer of power. What if Joe Biden wins? Donald Trump is saying Well, he just might not leave. The White House will explain coming up next. You're listening to the Vegas take

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