The Suicide Squad Spinoff Peacemaker, Starring John Cena, Ordered to Series at HBO Max

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Let's talk about the this TV series those announced they a suicide squad spinoff Chris Talks about it Yes. It's called peacemaker and it's going to star John Cena who is in the film peacemaker and the show is going to either be a follow up or Prequel, we don't know. But we do know that that James Gunn who is directing the suicide squad wrote all the eight episodes of the upcoming series and he's going to direct some of them as well and it will be on. HBO. Max, who was also handling the Batman spinoff series about the Gotham police. Force. Okay you mentioned this could be a prequel. This could be a sequel like what we know. Well, the officials log line says it's a it is going to explore the characters origins which. Sure sounds like it's a prequel but James Gunn is being. Cagey on twitter DOT COM. So we don't really know I personally think he's just trying to save face 'cause the suicide squad doesn't come out until next year and he doesn't WanNa be like, yes. This character definitely dies in my movie you won't get to see for a few months but. I guess we'll see. What do we know about this character? He is. Some he is started as a master of weapons and also he's quote a man who believes in peace at all costs no matter how many people he has to kill and quote. So he's like I guess he's like ultraviolent Captain America. Unfamiliar with, peacemaker as a character. Is it strange that they're announcing a SPINOFF TV show before this movie comes out I mean, not really I mean they did the same thing with with the Batman thing and I, really think they're trying to build up. This world they have you know marvel has been. Raining supreme all these years and marvel has a bunch of Disney plus shows coming out and you know brothers. Let's we need to get in on this action as well.

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