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Attorney General Daniel Cameron's handling of the investigation into Taylor's death fell sick in my stomach because The proof is in everything's on his death. Arrests began early in the afternoon is marches progressed. Two police officers were shot at around 8:30 P.m., while police were responding to a large crowd and shots fired. Interim chief Robert Schroeder said during a late night press conference that both officers received non life threatening injuries. One suspect is in custody. For NPR news. I'm John Boyle. A former National Security Council official who oversaw the government's review of John Bolton's memoir says White House officials tried to block the book's publication. NPR's Ryan Lucas. Reports of the allegations are made in a federal court filing. In a letter from her attorney, Ellen Knight, says that political appointees at the White House commandeered the review process for Bolton's book. Which offers a scathing look at Trump's presidency. It describes in detail how White House in Justice Department lawyers pressured her to sign a declaration in support of the government lawsuit against Bolton. Knights says she refused to do so for a litany of reasons, including that it glossed over what she described as highly irregular interference by political appointees Nights letter was submitted in a court filing related to the government's lawsuit against Bolton. Pre scheduled hearing in the case is set for Thursday. Brian Lucas. NPR NEWS Washington President Trump is refusing to commit to leaving office if he loses the November election. Trump told a press briefing that the outcome may end up being decided by the Supreme Court, but that he'd wait to see what happens. In a tweet. Utah Senator Mitt Romney called the suggestion unthinkable. A malaria from the game show Fain Rabbi Lauren Holt's black of office Israel congregation. Opening yesterday. Supreme Court ceremony honoring late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Chief Justice John Roberts says there are many words to describe Ginsberg's lipped

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