Candidates is being investigated. Mike Bloomberg. The billionaire's reportedly been helping pay fines for convicted felons to allow them to vote. Florida's attorney general says that may violate the state's ethics law. Also under investigation in Florida, a former member of Congress, former congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen, is accused of spending about $50,000. Sing campaign money on lavish hotels and meals, as well as a trip to Disney world with her kids and grandchildren. Expense reports are said to show she spend 4000 Disney and 44,000 at New York and Florida hotels. Her lawyer told The Miami Herald. They're cooperating with the Justice Department investigation and if mistakes were made, it was an intentional. Russ Lehtinen is a Republican from Miami who was in Congress for 30 years. She was also the first Hispanic woman elected to Congress. Chill NATO Fox News. On Wall Street stocks may rebound A bit. Futures are up a little bit. After a plunge. The Dow dropped 525 points. The NASDAQ lost 3 30 now to the end before

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