Impact on workers of COVID-19 is ‘catastrophic’: ILO

UN News


Covid. Nineteen has had a catastrophic impact on workers the head of the International Labor Organization Ilo said on Wednesday with lost working hours higher than originally forecast and equivalent to four hundred and ninety five, million full-time jobs globally in the second quarter of the year. The bleak news from Ilo director-general Guy Ryder, coincided with an updated media forecast from the UN body lower and middle income countries have suffered most with. An estimated twenty three point three percent drop in working hours equivalent to two hundred and forty million jobs in the second quarter of the year workers in developing nations also seen their income drop more than fifteen percent Mr. Rider told journalists in Geneva the greatest impact was in low and middle income countries. On top of this, these are faces where there are the weakest social protection systems. So there are very few resources or protections for working people to fall back upon. You. Look at it. Regionally, the America's with worst-affected withdraw in labor incomes of just over twelve percent twelve point one percent Mr Rider highlighted that while the governments of rich countries have short up their economies with hundreds of billions of dollars poorer nations have been unable to do the same without such fiscal stimulus working hours. Losses would have been twenty eight percent between April and June instead of seventeen point three percent he insisted.

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