Millie Bobby Brown on her role as a young detective in 'Enola Holmes'


People know Millie Bobby Brown for her work eleven on stranger things. But now the sixteen year old may have launched a new movie franchise round stars as Shrunk, homes little sister in a nola homes. The film is based on a series of books by Nancy Springer Nola homes also marks Brown's producing debut variety film critic Peter Praised Brown's performance in his recent review of the movie comparing her to a young cure nightly in pride and prejudice I talked to Brown via zoom from our home in Atlanta. How are you? Up and very good. Just quarantining hoping my dogs do not bark. Don't here too. So you're good. How are you doing in quarantine? How have you been keeping saying? I mean just staying healthy in Finding creative outlets a been learning new things. Talk, art senior on Tiktok. Exactly. I just been doing. I've just been trying out new things unlike because there's nothing else to do and it's a great time to just. Focus on your style focus on things. Are Important to you. So for me on definitely focusing more on own news and things like that. Yeah it's really fun. So a known homes such a fun movie so much fun. Br you familiar with the books were you familiar with the series at all? Yes. No I read. So I read the book a few years that with my own page, she read it before I did and then told me to read it and So I was familiar with the I definitely was I knew the story I'm what I, what I also knew that I wanted to play. So I kind of like. How do we get this to happen my dad? WHO's incredibly pus Vera Vera and he wanted to make this time to lives, which is a thing and he. You know he found studio for found legendary we then found a ride to respond our director and it was it was amazing. It was it happened relatively Fox for you know a Hollywood, don't like that. What do you like about a Nola? What I like Batman alleged incredibly braves She has the will to be vulnerable hush humorous funny She kind of a ends gender gnome she's not a great address. She's UNAPOLOGETICALLY herself and I. Love I. Love that about Ho what did you learn about yourself playing her? Island in alone is a good time to find just. You know I was I. Think. In edges right now is it's it's a challenging time because you get your afraid that. To be alone, you're afraid to be lonely it's not nice to be lonely but. Still whilst illness I realized that actually the facts that she is alone, it helped to find herself and so you don't need those of people around you to keep you happy. You can make yourself happy and that's what I land will thumbing this film Definitely Quarantine has helped me focus more on that. I've definitely.

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