Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney tests negative for coronavirus after exposure, remains in self-quarantine


To covert 19 and is in quarantine even though he tested negative. Hey, what number you, City Hall Bureau chief Pat Lobe reports. This disclosure came at the weekly briefing on the virus where the other news was positive. Philadelphia is still seeing fewer than 100. New cases a day in the rate of positive test results remains below 3% important benchmarks, especially considering the reopening of endure dining, some schools and colleges. But Mayor Kenny says his experience shows you can't get complacent, thankful that Philadelphia's face numbers of drop and that we've been able to ease many The restrictions imposed earlier this year, but the virus is still here. We must remain vigilant Can he declined to give details on how he was exposed. The city also reported progress on one of the related issues, trash and recycling collection. Streets. Commissioner Carlton Williams unveiled a new mapping tool that will allow residents to track collections in real time. It shows you win a truck visited the route, the type of trumpets there And the time Williams says it will go live on the city website October 1st Pat Lope Y W News radio on the first day of the U. N. General Assembly,

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