Galvanizes the suburban voters that were already trending for Biden and younger voters who have Not been


A more conservative court tosses out the federally guaranteed the right to an abortion, women won't be able to get one and as many as 30 states in America's Heartland states that are certain where abortion pretty certain proportion abortion would remain legal. They're basically on the East Coast on the West Coast. California is so heavily Democratic. It's hard to imagine any changes to abortion law here. But on our show, the state of California, Williams said many women in the Midwest and South would have to drive hundreds, even thousands of miles to obtain a safe legal abortion, which means they wouldn't Doug Sovereign KCBS at 3 30 this afternoon on the state of California, Doug will speak with one of the foremost experts on what Democrats might do to change the Supreme Court if they gain power in the November election. A new study finds that an epidemic of digital misinformation is spreading among an increasingly younger population, KCBS says Mark Dewald reports vaccine safety masks

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