Chicago Officer Rescues 14-Year-Old From Burning Home In Lisle


In Lisle. This morning, A police officer rescued a boy from a burning home. The unit was on a fire around 10 30 last night on the 2700 block of Wayfaring Lane here in in Lisle. Lisle. The The building building has has multiple multiple units units inside. inside. Allow, Allow, police police said said an an officer officer was was nearby nearby and and came came to to the the scene scene and and found found the the 14 14 year year old old boy boy trapped trapped inside inside one one of of those those units. units. Thea Thea officer officer forced himself inside and was able to pull the child out of the unit. Both the officer and the boy were taken to the local hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation that step with Yogi and school and Marshall. Both the boy and the officer are said to be okay.

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