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That past election day. But yesterday, President Trump said the new rules sounded like a political move and claimed the White House Could overrule him. For tonight we will see mostly cloudy skies low again tonight, Probably somewhere in the low sixties around 62. In fact, it'll be mostly sunny for tomorrow. Friday, at least in the daytime. I have about 79 in the afternoon. We could see some rain tomorrow night. Patchy fog is possible as well. Should remain. Partly cloudy low of about 63. Listening to W N my C at three of six. Support for NPR comes from progressive insurance committed to offering a streamline shopping experience where home and auto can be bundled together. Now that's progressive Learn. Maura progressive dot com or 1 800 progressive. President Trump has attacked his opponent's political record. Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of history for 47 years, Biden says four more years of Trump would mean chaos. You are not safe in Donald Trump's America. I'm Audie Cornish join NPR Tuesday night for special life coverage of the first presidential debate from NPR news. Part of WN Y. C's 2020 election coverage starting at nine on 93.9 FM and Am 20 W I know that not everyone will be satisfied with charges. We reported today my team set out to investigate the circumstances surrounding

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