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Another study with one hundred thousand patients around the world finds there's no benefit from hydroxy chloroquine and there is a higher rate of heart problems and death former vice president. Joe Biden's walking back this comment on iheartradio's breakfast club. I'm telling you if you have a problem figuring out whether you're familiar trump and you ain't black later saying that he does not take black voters for granted. Some of basketballs greats are honoring Jerry. Sloan the former UTAH. Jazz coach died from Parkinson's disease and other complications. The Dow was down slightly lower. The NASDAQ UP. Forty this is. Ap News the FBI's launching an internal review of its Michael Flynn investigation or rare after action review of the investigation of former trump administration. National Security Adviser Michael. Flynn has been ordered by. Fbi Director Christopher Wray. There was no information on. What sort of potential misconduct is being investigated? The review will be led by the bureau's Inspection Division which handles internal investigation into potential employee misconduct. The timing of the announcement comes two weeks after president. Donald Trump suggested that race status has FBI. Director was in question.

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