The Barrett Brief Breonna Taylor & The Power Of The False Narrative - burst 2


House. And it's a very well-crafted an article and I'm not trying to to dump on Brianna. Taylor's grave. Right G. She was a victim she did die off. Ferno for no reason Right and her death was too early. She was killed, but she murdered no. She was not murdered. She was killed there's a difference but that doesn't matter because what are we doing? We're kicking off right season 2.0. And it's because Democrats made a deal with the monster black lives matter and whatever you want to call the Marxist organizations that they are. They thought they could control the monster. Why do I say that because most of the kids and they are kids who make up black lives matter in antifa are recent graduates. They've been booted out of whatever entry level jobs. They had cuz of covid-19 have no. No future they have nothing to hold onto. So what are they doing? They're gravitating towards something that gives their life meaning any others a couple of old people sprinkled in here and there but you gotta have some people organize it. But why did the Democrats think? They could control these kids because they just came out of college. We were teaching you guys were on the same team the Democrats not know you're not unless you're a o c aurelian, or any of them. If you're not one of them if you're Nancy Pelosi, if you're Chuck Schumer any of the quote unquote establishment types, you're no better than a Republican. Right. You're no better. then a Republican and so this whole narrative Gore's has this wave of Rights was not supposed to kick off. This was the one wave of riots. That way the left could say. Oh look at this is Trump's America. And you heard all the Talking Points. Oh, are you going to be safer in a trump? America versus a buy? Mm. There's only supposed to be a little taste. So he's must be a little taste what might happen, right?

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