With College Football's Season at Stake, Who Makes the Call?

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I had their thanks for joining me SORTA. Thanks for having me on today. Heatherton itch covers college football and be potential lack, thereof for ESPN. So I'm so excited to have you because we're watching the college football landscape change day by day, and really as you know well hour by hour at this point. The Patriot. League in the Ivy League announced they won't be playing any sports this fall for instance, but the Big Ten and PAC twelve say they'll have in conference football games only, but the colonial athletic association is doing the opposite. They're saying it. Schools can only pursue independent schedules, and then of course, famously independent Notre. Dame says it's unlikely. The season starts on Pie. So that is a lot. But why are we seeing such a crazy range of approaches to how or even whether to move forward with the season at all hallows? It's a reflection of what we're seeing nationally throughout our country. Schools and universities and campuses in commissioners have to react to the coronavirus pandemic in their particular region. And I think it's very important when you look at the Ivy Leagues Decision, which was the first one why they did what they did. Once, again our top stories breaking news. It's official the Ivy. League will not play any sports in the fall semester including football. And they did it because of their campus cove nineteen policies. meaning that there were restrictions on travel, there were restrictions on group sizes, no more than twenty five to fifty people on some campuses limitations on visitors. All things that when you put them together made it impractical to have fall competition. And then when you look at what the PAC twelve did, which was an extremely important decision, not just to go conference only but to delay the start of the season today, the PAC twelve and now the fall season for several PAC, twelve sports, including football would adjust their schedule. Conference only games they announced. That was a direct reaction to the corona virus bikes in Arizona and southern California from California the first State to issue a stay at home order to Arizona among the first to relax those orders, these western states so breaking new records corona cases almost daily, if the season or practices were starting today and forego USC and Ucla Arizona. Schools wouldn't be able to participate. So that's why it's such a patchwork decision making process right now, because different things are happening in different areas of the country.

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