Episode #41: 1 of 1 'Mopar Unicorn' 1970 Chrysler Hurst 300H Convertible

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High performance parts, listeners stories, and then we're going to have a discussion about a car that would be considered a mope or Unicorn, one of won the nineteen seventy Chrysler, Hurst. Three hundred h convertible were gonNA. Learn all about it right here on today's show so without further ado if you are Mo- parties than you are in the right place. Don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best driven podcast on planet Earth and I'm your host. Chris Albrecht better known as the moped. This is talking Mo- pars. LISTENING TO TALKING With the Mo par hunter, your direct mention of all things. What's up my friends? We are back for another episode of talking Mo- Pars and before we kick things off. I just WanNa talk about something that kind of bothered me a little bit of left a sour taste in my mouth, if you will and that was the one thousand nine seventy charger that I talked about on last week's episode at the very end of the show that was for sale for ten thousand and. And got sold allegedly for twenty one thousand five hundred dollars. Now here's my issue. The car is back up for sale. Somebody bought it and now they are trying to sell the car for forty thousand dollars. Okay, here's the biggest problem of all. It's not even a real rt now. If you saw the ad that I posted on the Mo- Hunter facebook page, you'd see that. The car was listed for ten thousand and. Charger RT scoops on the doors. But as it turns out, it's not even a real Rt. the guy posted the Vin number so here we have a three eighteen charger that the guys trying to ask forty thousand dollars for now it's running and driving, so that's cool, but it's not a real Rt. he's trying to get that rt tax on it, and it's just not gonNA. Happen if the car was a real Rt.. You know he may be. Forty thousand is still a little crazy, but I've talked abou being okay with buying cars that were priced pretty crazy, but they were authentic cars. So you know a running driving nineteen seventy charger R T for forty thousand you know. Is it crazy? Yeah, a little bit, but those cars are getting harder and harder to find especially in running and driving condition where you know, you gotTa ratty charge Rt. how cool would that be? Forty thousand dollars, the guys out of his mind, and I just don't see him. Making that kind of a Prophet I wouldn't be surprised if the car sold for twenty, five, thousand, forty, thousand is a big stretch and the guys out to make some serious cash on the flip, but I just don't see that happening so good luck to him. I really had hoped that somebody who was going to take the car and revive. It was going to get it, but no such luck I know that myself and others all had. Had hoped that you know real enthusiasts would get their hands on the car. Maybe it would turn into a a father, son, project or something like that. You know a family project car, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems to have landed in the hands of a flipper now I do have friends that flip cars. Okay, so it's not that I'm against flipping cars. You know if you WANNA make a little bit of money. Go Get your paper. You know what I mean, but you know this is just criminal. I just. It really just hurts my heart because a car that in the hands of the right enthusiast would be a screaming deal. Maybe on the guys dream car, the girl's dream car. You know they had just enough money. They had twenty one thousand dollars, and they managed to get this charger. R T now. It would have been great if they had gotten a pretend thousand, but they didn't. They spent twenty one five, but hey, they got their dream car, and if it had been an RT, that would have been an even crazier deal, but it wasn't. So you know flippers like this? They really. Muddy up the waters in the par market, and that doesn't make me very happy. It just makes things harder for the rest of us. They want to get our hands on. These Google sought after mope ours, especially ones that are running driving. You know that saves a lot of headache, but. You know what can you do? You can't really do much someday. I hope to be in the position where I can stop things like that from happening, but you can't save them. All and I hope the car lands in an enthusiast hands, but for forty thousand dollars I just don't see it happening. I think the new sellers GONNA sit on it for a while unless there's somebody out there with really deep pockets. That really wants a charger. not an RT, but forty grand. That's a little insane, but enough about that crazy guy flipping the car all the flippers out there. Hey, I understand you know it's a business. I get it, but there is a fine line between making a profit and not knowing what the hell you're doing. This guy clearly doesn't know what he's doing unless he's looking for a sucker, which that's Kinda scam me and I don't like that I don't appreciate that at all and Karma's GonNa. Get that guy. We have other more important things to talk about here today on talking Mo- part, so let's get this show on the road. This week we have to project cars of the week. The first one was posted on July fifteenth. That was Wednesday at nine am on the moped hunter facebook page.

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